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Brittan-Bright-CurliousI’ve resigned myself to taking refuge in the independent refusal of both my life and my hair to conform to an unnatural coif, easily destroyed by the slightest drop of rain or hint of humidity. Recognizing the resistance resounding in me as resilience, I surrendered my weapons of hair warfare and stopped the long-standing project of image mass construction.

Happiness cannot cohabitate with hostility. Curliosity calls for an evacuation of the resident occupation of opposing elements to one’s natural state. A persistent and peaceful protest of perceived imperfection, consider it an encouragement to embrace and chase the curls & cowlicks, the waves & the whorls in life.

Curlious is a personal renaissance honoring humor and humidity, opposition and opportunity, perms and permutations; this is a blog about a woman’s life.

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Brittan Bright is the curly-haired and curious bold bouncer from Naptown to Brooklyn. She's spicy, sassy and inspired by: fun, feng shui, change, challenges, yogis, music, love & the world wide web. Get in touch!